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What have I been doing? This page tells all.

May 17, 2003
I've been occupied with other things, so no new update. I just thought I'd tell you all so you'd knwo I hadn't disappeared. I am working on a KiSS doll, but I'm not sure when she'll be done. I added a link to my DeviantArt page, so you can see my newest work. Not dolls, but drawings and things.

May 13, 2003
One new doll, and the base she's drawn on. Not a Fya this time. Also, I have one entry for my contest. Thanks, Sabe! Please get your entries in. I'm thinking of writing reviews of the different CDs I own. It'd be more fun if my scanner was working so that I could get pictures of them, but it would still add some (interesing?) content, which is always good.

May 8, 2003
One new doll, and the base she's drawn on. I've also added a page in the doll section for doller cards. I've only made two so far, but it is a start. ^_^

May 7, 2003
Two new dolls. I've also joined The Underground. It's really fun. ^_^

May 1, 2003
I'm really proud of this new doll. I think she looks great. I also have the base I made for it. LOR's new CD is really great, by the way. You should check it out.

April 28, 2003
Very Stupid Jenn forgot to put the counter on the new layout. Bad, Jenn! Bad! However, Surprisingly-Observant-For-Once Jenn has corrected this problem. Hit-Obsessed-Counter-Watching Jenn would like to remind you to enter our base edit contest. All of the Jenns would like to remind you that Liveon Release's new CD, Goes On A Field Trip is released tomorow. They're a really great band, and you can check out their website here.

April 27, 2003
The new layout has arrived! I think it looks really cool, don't you? There were some things I wanted to add, but didn't make it in because I wanted to get this layout out as soon as possible. The only one you see is the unclickable 'info' link. I'm sorry about that, but I think it was worth it to get a whole new layout, don't you? I put a lot of work into this. Regular visitors will notice some changes in the menu. Dolls, bases, and contests are now found under the dolls link. I moved the tagboard to the default page so that more people might leave a note. That's pretty much it, please tell me what you think. ^_^