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Base Edit May 1st, 2003 to June 1st, 2003

The idea is pretty simple: you can pick any one of my bases to draw your doll on, and then just doll whatever you want. My bases can be found here. You still have to follow the base rules, mind you.

-Have fun. Just imagine what'd be a really great doll and go for it.

-The doll must be 100% your own work. No frakendolling. No Lollido bases. You can use bases by another doller.
-200x200 is the absolute maximum, but a little smaller is preferable. No backgrounds. No animation.
-The doll must be a transparent gif. If you cannot do this, download Giffy. It's really easy to use and will surely help.
-I don't want any adult or mature themed dolls. Blood is okay, skimpy clothes are okay, just don't go overboard.
-Sorry, but you must have a webpage.

When your doll is done, e-mail it to me as an attachment along with your name, url, and the base creator's url (if applicable). If there are any problems with your entry, I'll let you know.

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