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I've made some bases for my dolls, and because I'm just so nice, you can use them aswell. You can draw your doll on these and change the skin tone, but everything else is a no-no. If you think you have a reasonable request, you can always ask, but my answer depends on what you want to do. Remember to make sure you link to right beside your doll. Base bodies take lots of time and effort, so I naturally want credit. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing what you've done on my bases.

Named after one of my characters. I like the idea, so let's see if I do more.


I really like working with these, so I'll of course be making more. They are called Fya because I am easily amused.


Pronounced "uh-na". I like how these look, but they were somewhat of a pain to make. I wouldn't mind having a couple more poses, but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort.


These bases don't belong to a set, but they're still perectly fine.