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Welcome to the almighty links page! You know the deal, this page will help you find your way to some recommended sites. If, by any chance, you would like to link to me, you can find some buttons below. They look it here, but they are not transparent. Remember to link them to, and save them to your own server.



Site Stuff
Stat Counter - This is the absolute best counter I have come across. If you're counter-shopping, check them out. I promise you won't be dissapointed.
Dreambook - I've used them since my very first website. Really customizable. They do stick a banner on the top of every page, but it's still a really good service. I've never had any reason look for something else.

The Dolly Attic - It's the only board I post at, because it's the only one I've felt welcome at. I'm currently a mod here. Come visit us.

DevArt is pretty much a giant community of all sorts of artists. Highly recommended whether you're an artist, or just want to look.
crystalre - It's meee! ^_^
vickitty - Friend and really good artist.

Doll Sites
Forgive me for not giving descriptions, but what more do you really need to know than that they have dolls on them?
Glen Valeiren - Sister Site.
Plutaria - Sister site. Mod @ Dolly Attic.
Lonely Island Paradise - Mod @ Dolly Attic.
Swiss Cheese Army

More will be added later.